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(15/161) 1638630 - Sidekick direct access to parser options

Hi, I like the button in Sidekick that access to the Sidekick properties.
A new idea would that the sidekick plugins could declare their Option pane, so a button in Sidekick would open them directly


Submitted kpouer - 2007-01-18 - 14:18:29z Assigned nobody
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2007-01-18 - 16:50:52z
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The current option pane is strictly for showing/editing options which are mode-specific. Each plugin can add its own mode-specific pane.

As for having access to the plugin's options also, I am actually not sure how to combine regular optionpanes with the mode option panes.

Keep in mind, a mode option pane shows you what mode it is at the top and gives you buttons to "reset to default" (global options) or leave it as is. Some of the plugin options should be mode options, and some are probably going to be the same regardless of what the edit mode is.

I suppose I could add some more subnodes in that tree for the regular plugin options and come up with a check to decide if I show/hide the NORTH region of this ModeOptionPane (containing the use default settings and edit mode)

but I was thinking of encouraging developers to create a custom ModeOptionPane for all the mode-specific options of each SideKick plugin. But if you have a better idea of how to handle mode options, I'm open to suggestions. This was a "first draft" if you will.

Notice the documentation in the ModeOptionsDialog that documents how currently other plugins can add a ModeOptionsPane.
2007-01-18 - 16:58:23z
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In fact the idea was to access directly the options of the parser, the same you can find in the PluginOptions (not mode specific).
Because sometimes when I open the plugin options I have to find where are the options of my parser (I have a lot of plugins and parsers :).