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(16/161) 1643572 - ftp plugin : add a password manager

Hi, I like the fact that the ftp plugins stores the passwords.
But it could also have a dialog that remembers the stored passwords and servers, so it would be possible to delete some if they are not used anymore

Submitted kpouer - 2007-01-24 - 14:03:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2007-01-24 - 14:09:33z
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The move to the new ssh library removes some classes that I was using to store passwords. A consequence of this is that I need to rewrite all of the password-saving code.

Adding a password manager should be a simple addition to this piece of work.

The one downside is that it will break compatibility with the existing password store format - so passwords will be forgotten on upgrade to the new version.
2013-10-22 - 22:33:26z
All old password files are invalid now anyway, as of FTP 1.0.5, since i had to rewrite all the password-saving code.
The original feature request has nothing to do with how passwords are stored though.
The user just wants a GUI to access the saved passwords which are in memory.
Currently, the only option is to forget all saved passwords, no way to just forget individual ones.
Unassigning from olearyni since he hasn't worked on this in a loooooong time.