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(20/161) 1744845 - XML Plugin: Change Tag Feature

How about a feature where one is able to change the tag?

Instead of having to select the text in the opening tag, change it, select the closing tag, and then change it.... how about the XML plugin make it do it for you.

This is the essence of what I'm thinking:
1. you are in a tag
2. You click "Change Tag" from the XML Plugin menu
3. It prompts you with a simple input box to type in the new tag.
4. It changes the opening and closing tags for you!

Submitted hurricanedavid - 2007-06-28 - 14:25:03z Assigned nobody
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2007-06-28 - 14:49:46z
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In essence step #1, hopefully, you could be anywhere in the tag (i.e. in the opening tag, closing tag, or in the content).
In essence step #3, hopefully, the existing tag would be pre-populated, so that it would confirm what you were replacing. That would also make it easier if you were changing it from an <H2> to an <H1>.
2007-07-07 - 01:46:03z
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I agree, this is an excellent feature request. I'm sure it can be done better with a macro that just sets multiple selection, selects the text of the opening and closing tag, and then sticks your cursor in the right spot so you can just type over both tags at the same time.

Multiple selection doesn't work properly in 4.3pre9 though, so we'll have to wait until pre10 comes out to get it working.