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(21/161) 1769453 - Make Sidekick mode a buffer-local property

I would appreciate, if the side kick "AutoParseSettings"
would be available as buffer-local-property.

I am working with various modes (Ruby, XML, Shell, Perl), and it makes no sense to have the same AutoParseSettings for everyone. For instance, XML files often adhere to the XML Schema over a long time, so I don't want to have "auto-parse" there at all; on Ruby however, I would like
to have auto-parse at least on buffer change and file save.

I understand that it is not possible to set auto-parse
on a per file mode (although this too would be helpful),
but at least having it definable as buffer-local property
would be helpful.


Submitted rovf - 2007-08-07 - 14:58:44z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2007-08-07 - 16:03:16z
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I could make it a "mode property" settable from the sidekick dockable mode properties dialog. Would that be better?
2007-08-08 - 07:47:18z
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A mode property would for sure be *very* helpful indeed!!!

But I would like to point out that this is kind of an "orthogonal solution" to my proposal, in that one complements, instead of obviates the other. For instance, 90% of my XML files conform to some XML schema while 10% deliberately do not (for testing purposes), and the main reason why I had switched off automatic parsing by Sidekick, is that is annoying to always have the error list being popped up on those 10%. So if I had both - mode property and buffer local settings -, I would set "auto-parse on buffer switch and save" for XML files (mode-property setting) and manually switch this off for those few files which should not be parsed (buffer-local setting). Do you think this can easily be done both?

If I were forced to decide on only one solution - mode property or buffer local -, I think the buffer local settings would be more useful. If people, working with several languages, want to have one type of parsing strategy with one mode, they likely want to have the same with the other modes as well, so the "exceptions from the default" are probably more often file-based than mode based.
2007-08-08 - 07:57:01z
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Hi, what happens to the user mode properties when a mode is reloaded ?