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(31/161) 1944991 - JDiff Plugin: Support unified diff format

The diff utility of the JDiff Plugin is currently only able to print out "standard" diff output like the following:

< Removed line
> Added line

It would be nice if the plugin could also support the unified diff format, which is generally preferred for generating patches in version control.

Submitted nobody - 2008-04-17 - 14:57:52z Assigned nobody
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2008-04-17 - 15:42:53z
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It would be nice. In the mean time, I've added the ability to create an svn diff from the SVN Plugin, if you want to get the latest SVN Plugin from version control. svn diff is unified diff. Another recent addition to JDiff is the ability to apply patches. It can handle patches created with either normal diff output (like in your example) or unified diff output. Again, that feature is not yet released, but is in subversion. It's not well tested either, but seems to work correctly.