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(40/161) 2046394 - PHPParser features

On projects:

* What about remove the project from plugin and integrate with ProjectViewer. With this is possible to map project and parent projects (i create one project for my framework and every personal project has one parent) to show autocompletion.

On autocompletion:

* Show a complete list of every mapped function with a path (as is now). Try to avoid code analisys, just show the pop-up and let us to chose. With this you will be able to show completion on every place.

* Bundle a list with completion for built-in php function. There are a list on rasmus home page.

Submitted giulianisanches - 2008-08-11 - 12:45:58z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2010-05-29 - 07:00:09z
I would like to express support for integration with ProjectViewer :)
2010-06-01 - 07:50:12z
Hi, you're right I should do this, I'll work on it as soon as possible.
In fact the Project management was because long time ago ProjectViewer did not support VFS