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(44/161) 2115015 - Sessions Plugin - Tool Bar tuning

I just noticed the possibility for showing the sessions tool bar inside the bufferlist's dockable.

I find it a really good place, because it is space saving. Unfortunately the width of this dockable is usually inadequate for me to show the whole tool bar.

So, it would be very nice, if the sessions tool bar could be split into two rows somehow in this case.

Submitted rschwenn - 2008-09-16 - 22:29:28z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2008-09-17 - 16:18:01z
Just to complete this request with some background information:
As can be learned from bug 1934589 the buffer-list plugin is now in svn and apparently halyavin seems the have put some work into it lately.

See also bug 2002326 and bug 2002312 for bugs that concern current (2008/09/17) svn-versions of the BufferList plugin.

It would be great if the current developers for Sessions and BufferList-plugin could contact each other to solve the problems between Sessions and svn-version of BufferList.