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(45/161) 2216806 - TextTools: Surrounding white space

Please consider adding option if to add space to range comment:
/* comment */

It is very useful, for example in CSS mode.

Submitted admirau - 2008-11-02 - 18:07:22z Assigned ian_lewis
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2008-11-03 - 10:18:51z
Is there a reason to make this an option and not add a space all the time kind of like how the line comment works?
2008-11-03 - 10:41:08z
Space might be added by default.
I think space is ok for all just one line comments (range or line).
But for example in DocBlock comments, space is not needed.

And why author didn't make it default?
2008-11-03 - 14:22:35z
Is there any situations where having a space like that would be bad? I'm thinking it would be better to just make it have a space in there no matter what.

As for why it wasn't there to begin with, it's anyone's guess. The important thing is it isn't and what we should do to fix it.
2008-11-03 - 20:03:32z
The built-in action "range-comment" does insert a space too - it should be good for any cases.

BTW: Is there a good reason to have built-in comment actions that only do 50% of the job (only insert), so that 100% actions (toggle) are needed in a plugin?