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(50/161) 2545789 - Beauty Plugin: Generic code reformatter

Because jEdit supports a lot of languages, and actually the beautifier plugins availlable only work with Java or C. I, for example, work with ActionScript and a code beautifier is a must specially for larger files.
Thanks in advance.

Submitted oxk4r - 2009-01-29 - 15:57:10z Assigned nobody
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2009-01-30 - 02:07:19z
Arg. I realized after reading your request that this feature has been in the Beauty plugin for about a year and a half, but apparently, I never got around to completing the feature or documenting it. Would you see if this fits your needs:

Install the Beauty plugin from Plugin Manager.

Go to Utilities - BeanShell - Evaluate BeanShell Expression, then enter this in the dialog:

jEdit.setBooleanProperty("beauty.useBuiltInIndenter", true)

Then open one of your ActionScript file, and then Plugins - Beauty - Beautify Buffer.

The "built in indenter" uses the mode of the current buffer and uses the indenting defined in the buffer to indent the buffer, so if the mode file is good, your indenting should come out pretty well too. The not completed part is I never added a checkbox to the plugin options to let the user turn this feature on.

2009-01-30 - 09:17:34z
Hi, deleanson, I have that plugins installed (and the AStyle Beautifier plugin too) but, it doesn't format the ActionScript code correctly. I have uploaded three captures to explain it. The first capture is the code correctly fomatted, the second is a capture after perform a format with Beauty (I highlighted the errors), and the third is the result for the second format: the lines become separated, and if more formats are performed this separation becomes greater every time. Moreover, if I choose java:beauty or javacc:beauty in the plugin options, then i get an error (see capture "Beauty Error").

2009-01-30 - 09:53:33z
And what about formatting PHP code?
A style does not format PHPDoc comments correctly, PHP5…

(Now I do that by running PEAR’s PHP Beautifier from the console).

2009-02-07 - 20:42:09z
Shouldn't this be in the Plugin Feature Requests tracker? As far as I know, the core does not have a definition of coding style, this task is therefore left for plugins. If the request is to add such beautifiers for the Beautify plugin, this request should move the Plugin Feature Requests tracker.
If the request is to have a reformatting capability in the core, a good reason for that should be specified and then this request should be left here. Here's one such possible reason, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort:
While a "beautify buffer" action is definitely helpful, an "on the fly" beautifier is also helpful - one that beautifies the buffer as I type, so I can type a long line without caring about indentation and lines breaks (to some extent) and have the beautifier take care of that for me as I type. The functionality of an "on the fly" beautifier can be defined as running the beautifier on each change in the buffer (e.g. character insertion, line removal, and so on), while maintaining the caret location correctly.
2009-02-14 - 04:55:49z
moving to plugin feature requests, and adding Beauty Plugin in the subject line.


2009-01-30 - 09:40:52z
Beauty Error.jpg

2009-01-30 - 09:45:47z

2009-01-30 - 09:46:07z

2009-01-30 - 09:46:20z