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(54/161) 2723116 - PerlSideKick should allow filtering predeclarations

jEdit 4.3pre16 / Windows XP + SP3 / Sun JRE 1.6.0_11
File --> New in Mode --> perl
Enter the following:
sub foo();
sub foo() { }
Save as ""
Open Sidekick. The subroutine foo appears twice, because it is predeclared.
This is by design, I guess. However I always predeclare all perl subroutines, which allows to avoid some warnings when using mutual recursion etc. Then the sidekick gets cluttered.

So I would like to add an option to filter out the extra entries for predeclarations.

Submitted bgolding - 2009-03-31 - 09:57:11z Assigned hertzhaft
Priority 2 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-03-31 - 16:38:35z
Yes, it's by design, as subroutines with the same name can be in different "package" sections in the same file. I'll look into the code to see if the subroutine regex can be changed to disregard predeclarations.