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(62/161) 2826004 - Mac OS X Support Plugin Missing Old Features

I'm running 4.3pre17 using Java 1.50_19. I just upgraded from 4.3pre16.

With 4.3pre16, I could right-click on the jEdit icon in the dock and several action/control options were available, such as revealing the current buffer in the Finder and creating a new edit window. On 4.3pre17, these options are gone.

Also, dragging-and-dropping a file on jEdit (in the dock or Applications folder) will not open the file if jEdit is not currently running. jEdit will simply launch with an empty buffer. You have to drag the file onto the jEdit icon a second time.

Just to make sure this wasn't an upgrade issue, I trashed my old ~/.jedit and ~/Library/jEdit folders. It made no difference.

Submitted jasonheiser - 2009-07-23 - 14:19:30z Assigned evanpw
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-12-05 - 16:26:50z
The first part of the report is a feature request, which I'll work on.

The second part is a duplicate of #3034220, which is (mostly) resolved.

Moving to feature requests.