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(65/161) 2838289 - SVN Diff with (a list of existing reversions)

Would anyone be interested in adding a feature to the diff functionality of the SVN Plug-in?

When I'm in the SVN Browser, and I right click a file and select diff, it would be great if the "Revision" option, allowed us to select from the available revisions. I picture something like a "..." button, that when clicked, opens a small window showing the available revision numbers, and the comment created for each revision, and allows you to select one of the revisions to diff with. The comment is actually more important to me than the revision number since we use our own internal versioning scheme, and we use the comment field to hold our internal revision numbers.

Any thoughts, or volunteers?

Submitted jrchilds - 2009-08-15 - 21:19:28z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-08-15 - 22:21:50z
I think the feature you're asking for should be pretty simple to do. In the mean time, if you first do "log" on the file, then you can pick two revisions from the log output, right click, and pick "diff". This almost gets you what you want.

2009-10-27 - 19:58:29z
Any progress on this feature? Thanks,

~ James
2009-10-27 - 20:43:22z
Not yet. It's not as easy as I initially thought. It's doable, I just need to find the time to do it.
2009-10-30 - 17:19:06z
Not a problem, thanks for the update.