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(66/161) 2844082 - TextAutocomplete - auto word list from syntaxhighl.

I think the following feature would be great:
Add an option to add the keywords from from the currently used
syntax-highlighting file to the word-list of TextAutocomplete.

The reasoning is the following: The syntax highlighting definition
contains the most common commands (the so called "keywords"). I believe it
would be useful to be able to add these keywords to the word list for
If this would be the case then the TextAutocomplete would know
about the most common commands of a language and could offer
its services when writing source code.

Currently only the SideKick Plugin can offer autocompletion - however
it is very hard to implement autocompletion in SidKick since it basically
requires you to write a parser (in Java) for the given language. (This is probably
the reason why SideKick does not provide this Service for most of the languges.)

I am not a Java-developer, but I imagine that at least the following steps are necessary.
- make a copy of the syntax highlighting file that ist currently uses (e.g. language.xml)
- remove all lines that do not contain "keywords"
- extract the keywords (everything but xml)
- add the extracted text to the word-list

I think the following "Tokens" would be useful:

This extension would add basic autocompletion to Jedit
or all the 133-languages for which syntax highlighting is provided.
Thank you very much!

Submitted goebbe - 2009-08-25 - 07:37:11z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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