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(80/161) 2931501 - CtagsInterface: move dependences project option pane into pv

move dependencies project option pane into projectviewer itself so other plugins can use it too.

Submitted ezust - 2010-01-13 - 18:03:19z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-01-27 - 22:52:00z
Looking at the, I notice that the class itself depends on CtagsInterface's class ProjectWatcher. Is there a way we can move that out of the ProjectDependencies class so we can move that into ProjectViewer?
2010-01-29 - 07:31:08z
I have no time to do this now, so if someone else is willing to, please do. When I have some free time for this, I will assign it back to myself if it's still relevant.

The dependencies of on CtagsInterface classes are trivial; ProjectWatcher simply provides all the direct interface to PV, and you don't need it at all when the class is already in PV, as you can call PV methods directly.
2010-01-29 - 07:32:48z
Also, currently the project dependencies can include source trees or other projects. I am not sure that "source trees" are really needed, but if they are, I'd also like to make it more complete by adding archives, as CtagsInterface can also work with zipped source code libraries (archives).
2010-01-29 - 19:24:00z
I noticed that the way that eclipse specifies its project dependencies is all in the .classpath.
Perhaps jEdit can read/write these XML files too for the info about project dependencies.
The <classpathentry> nodes of kind="src" have paths that describe projedct names.
Perhaps this option pane should load/store info to/from that file?