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(81/161) 2934739 - LucenePlugin: Search in Current Directory

It would be nice if there was an action in lucene called 'Directory Search',

Which when invoked, would bring up the lucene search dockable as usual, but have the
"search scope" be "any indexed files that are under the directory of the current buffer"
instead of one of the named indexes.

Perhaps it could be an item in the combobox too.
A short text might be "directory of current buffer" for the combobox item.

If no files are found to be indexed there, luceneplugin should report to the user
"you need to index files here first. Would you like to add this directory to a new or existing lucene index?" and let the user do that before then doing a search in that directory.

Submitted ezust - 2010-01-19 - 04:38:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No