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(85/161) 2952482 - Console commando suggestions

1) Change the default java compiler from ant to javac
2) Add commando files for gcc, g++, and a generic "run executable" (to run c and c++ files)

Having ant as the default compiler for java has never made sense to me; ant is used to build projects, not compile individual buffers. And gcc and g++ are common compilers that I believe should be included, as well as a commando to run an executable with the same name as the buffer minus the extension. This would make programming in c and c++ in jEdit much more accessible.

Submitted kog13 - 2010-02-16 - 01:01:41z Assigned kog13
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2010-02-16 - 01:19:13z
1. I never use javac or gcc directly, i only use "ant" and "make", since there was no "build project" action for console. Changing the default for the language was just my own preference, I am sorry if it has caused inconvenience.

2. The extra commando files, why not submit those as a separate patch? I'll be happy to incorporate them.

3. "execute" would be a nice commando if it had the option to use either the name of the buffer, or the name of the directory (or the name of the project). Submit that as another commando and I'll include that too.

2010-02-16 - 03:02:31z
I'd vote for leaving Ant as the default also. I don't think I have a single java project that doesn't have an Ant build file. Ant is good at only compiling those classes that are necessary to compile.
2010-02-16 - 04:44:46z
My complaint about Ant is that it requires a buildfile that you have to supply yourself, and I personally make a large distinction between "compile buffer" and "build project", which is part of my motivation for working on Project Builder. I also think the compile and run buffer actions should be as accessible as possible; that was the biggest source of my confusion when I started using jEdit was "how do I compile something?", and people who are just learning how to program will have no idea what a buildfile or build target is.

Another suggestion for Console I want to make, but may not warrant a separate post, is that I think there should be an option for compiling and running without the commando window popping up. For example, have a check-box item in the plugin menu to hide or show the commando window when commands are run, and when hidden the command's parameters could be specified from the plugin options panel using the commando window or a variant of it. I wrote a few macros so that I can quickly compile and run files without needing to hit enter after every time I press a compile or run shortcut key, and while my solution works well it seems unnecessary. I would like an option integrated in Console to compile and run without the commando window but without sacrificing flexibility.
2011-11-27 - 18:53:29z
Now that you have added "compile/run project" actions, you have my permission to make these changes to Console yourself.
2011-11-27 - 19:54:14z
You could also think about windows users and on that platform use .exe extension for executables.