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(90/161) 2991373 - MetalColor - eliminate the side borders around textArea


I do not know if the MetalColor plugin is the right way to implement this feature, but I hope I am not too far off. I love the adjust the scrollbar width feature of the plugin, but I wanted to ask if it is possible to also to somehow omit the left and more importantly the right border around the textArea, as it is in many applications, for example Firefox (see attached picture). This way, when jEdit is maximized, I do not have to concentrate on finding the scrollbar with the mouse pointer but I can simply go to the right side of the screen and be sure that any click will be on the scrollbar. This would be very convenient especially with reduced width scrollbars.

Thanks, tvojeho

Submitted tvojeho - 2010-04-23 - 13:21:22z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2010-05-07 - 21:19:14z
What the plugin does is override some properties used by the theme engine of the default Java look'n feel to customize stuff for different platform themes.

There happened to be a ScrollBar.width that did it for the scroll bars, however I can't see one that might remove the extra pixel you are talking about. (It does annoy me as well)
Look at

My guess is that this can't be done using the default Metal/Ocean theme. You might be able to get it using the LookAndFeel plugin and choose a different LAF, you would also lose the scroll bar width customization unless the LAF does it as well.
2010-05-08 - 09:09:38z
That's unfortunate. Thanks for looking at it, anyway.



2010-04-23 - 13:21:23z