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(116/161) 3389383 - ProjectViewer: add export/import list of files

It should be possible to save a project to a file. Not the contents of all files but just the list of files and project properties. Then after deleting the project I could easily recreate it with import option. Or restore it on other machine.

Next step would be to automatically recreate a project (or open if exists) after opening project file with jedit (with double-clicking in platform's file explorer).

I have many many projects and most convenient way to handel them I can imagine is opening a project file which I keep in the project's folder. That's the approach of my previous editor.

Could you at least design such a feature? Then someone else could implement it.

Submitted jarekczek - 2011-08-10 - 06:54:13z Assigned kog13
Priority 3 Category Project Viewer
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-11-20 - 08:19:34z
FileSync plugin
2012-11-20 - 17:14:18z
FileSync doesn't do this. I think a good place for this might be the ProjectBuilder plugin.