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(120/161) 3414214 - update XQuery to use Saxon Plugin

Currently xquery includes its own saxon7.jar.
It should be updated to use the Saxon plugin which packages Saxon9
so it doesn't need to have its own saxon.

Submitted ezust - 2011-09-26 - 21:26:29z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-10-22 - 17:47:54z
XML plugin now has its own xquery feature. Maybe it makes the xquery plugin obsolete? Are there features offered in xquery plugin that are not in XML plugin now?
2011-10-24 - 18:38:40z
AFAIK neither XML nor XSLT plugin support xquery.
What do you mean, Alan ?
2011-10-29 - 07:40:20z
There are downsides of doing this : saxon7 (and up to saxon 9.1, see
supports calling java methods reflexively.
This is a feature people may rely upon, so I'm reluctant to change it.
What do you think ?
2011-12-07 - 07:14:09z
According to the link you sent me, "saxon Home Edition doesn't support the "reflexive" calling of Java methods as extension functions. For this capability, you'll either have to upgrade to Professional Edition, or stick with Saxon-B (whose last release was 9.1). "

The Saxon plugin is at 9.2.
What's so great about 9.2 that we can't use saxonB 9.1?

What if we were able to get all plugins that use Saxon working against Saxon-B 9.1?
Would it make sense to release a SaxonBPlugin to replace SaxonPlugin?

Honestly, I don't use the XQuery plugin, I'm just wondering if there is a way to avoid having 2 versions of Saxon delivered by plugin central.

2013-08-09 - 15:58:46z
Thank again, Eric! Looks like you closed yet another of my tickets.

2013-08-09 - 17:11:20z
oops. ignore previous comment, I guess it is still open.