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(125/161) 3468874 - ProjectViewer better file import customization

In ProjectViewer it is possible to exclude a folder or a file from the project using right click.
I think that if I reimport ProjectViewer should remember what files are excluded

Submitted kpouer - 2012-01-03 - 09:35:36z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category Project Viewer
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-01-23 - 17:09:32z
I like that idea. Basically, a second-pass through the file list will be necessary for it to work with any file import filter.
2013-03-18 - 17:42:55z
Now it is possible to combine "directories to ignore" with other import filters on a global or a per-project basis, so the "remove from project" action when you remove a folder from a project should have a checkbox option to add that folder to the "directories to ignore list" so it doesn't get added again later.