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(126/161) 3469021 - TaskList: focus dockable

"Task List" command should focus the dockable and make it operative with keyboard arrows. Currently after Task List I still have editing pane focused.
Windows XP, jedit 4.4.2, svn tasklist

There is also a tiny detail: I'm accustommed to focus the dockable with mouse click on an empty place, like next to a task list item. It works in hypersearch, but not in task list. In TaskList dockable a click in empty place works similarly as a click on nearest item, but the item doesn't get highlighted.

Submitted jarekczek - 2012-01-03 - 16:31:58z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-01-03 - 17:04:53z
Interesting. There actually isn't any code behind the "Task List" command in the plugin menu. It looks like that was intended to be a title for the menu rather than an actual command. It makes sense that it should put focus on the dockable.

I'm not able to reproduce the "tiny detail". When I click in the empty space, the nearest list item is highlighted and the keyboard works as I would expect. Can you provide any additional details on how to reproduce this?
2012-01-03 - 17:59:37z
Do we use the same jedit version, 4.4.2? If not I will try with other one.