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(140/161) 3540790 - BufferTabs : close file in the order of tabs (like Firefox)


While I do like BufferTabs (even more since my feature requests for avoiding two rows of tabs was accepted ;)), I find pretty unfriendly how it select the next tab when I close one buffer.

For example, you open 6 files (like doing a search and replace) :

file1 file2 [file3] file4 file5 file6

The active tab/buffer is [file3]. If you close it, the editor will select the next tab in its list, but while I would expect [file4] to be selected, it select [file1], or whatever.

ie: when I do close a buffer, I would expect BufferTabs to select the tab next to the one I closed.

Why ?

Well, first it work like that in Firefox. Second, when you do a big search and replace (like a tab2space), you want to close all those tabs, but if I close one modified file, then the next select buffer is (for example) another file that I had opened.

Submitted myshforum - 2012-07-06 - 09:42:45z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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