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(145/161) 3571314 - SVNplugin: better ProjectViewer integration

With extremely large projects on slow file systems, it can be quite painful to refresh the entire project from SVN setting. My current project has ~9000 files under revision control. The ~30 minute update time is too painful to do often. It would be nice if, after doing an svn update, in the report that displays in the SVN dockable, I would like to be able to add new files to the project, remove deleted files from the project, then update tags on all the added and updated files. That should be much faster than updating the entire project and retagging the entire mess, when less than 1% of the files actually changed.

Submitted snarum-micron - 2012-09-24 - 19:10:10z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2012-09-26 - 17:39:35z
Should this be automatic? That is, if you do an update from the ProjectViewer context menu, any files added or deleted should automatically be added and/or deleted from ProjectViewer? Actually, I'm thinking a message box asking with a checkbox to do it automatically next time. What do you think?
2012-09-26 - 17:59:08z
I'm OK with automatic, as long as it can be enabled/disabled, and if disabled, can be triggered manually.

Three possible user paradigms come to my mind. I'm sure there are others:

1) Full auto. After every update, the project is updated based on the A/D/U status of each file touched.

2) Dialog Auto. After update, a dialog pops up asking if I want to add new files and remove deleted files. Possibly with a check-box for "... and update the tags"

3) Manual. After update, add a context menu to the update report, allowing the user, for each file and/or group, to right click and select "Add/Remove from project" (as appropriate), and/or "Update tags".

I could even see all three being supported, with Options page control to enable/disable the full auto and dialog, but the context method always available. The full auto selection should probably be project by project, not global, though a global default for new projects would make sense.
2012-10-02 - 20:31:36z
Fixed in revision 22279 and 22280. Automatic import/delete is per project. Manual is select the files to add/delete, then use the popup menu.
2012-10-04 - 14:36:56z
I see the right-click menu to manually add or delete a file. I see the checkbox in PV -> Options -> Subversion for auto add and delete. What I don't see is a way, if auto is off, to tell it manually to add/delete all the files, other than selecting all of each group first then right clicking. It would be nice if I could right click on the group heading (Added 76 files:) and do them all without selecting first. However, that's a niggle. I like what you have, and confirm that it works and solves my original problem. Thank you.
2012-10-05 - 19:23:47z
There are still a couple of issues with this:

If the update shows a deleted folder, the folder and files in that folder are not removed from ProjectViewer.

If the svn delete command is used from the PV context menu, the files and folders are not removed from ProjectViewer.