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(146/161) 3574553 - ErrorList: Add 'Collapse All'/'Expand All' actions/buttons

When I have 760 errors in 53 files, most of which aren't mine to fix, (yes I work with guys who don't believe in keeping trunk clean >-[ ) it can be cumbersome to find the ones I care about. It would help if I could right-click and select 'Collapse All". Then I could scroll down through the list of files and expand the one or two I am interested in working on right now.

Submitted snarum-micron - 2012-10-04 - 19:14:12z Assigned shlomy
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-10-04 - 19:20:48z
And also "Expand All" action/button while you are at it. Currently it is only expanded one level in the tree so if you want to see full error messages you need to expand each node to see them.