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(150/161) 3604660 - LucenePlugin enhancements

it should be possible with Index Manager to show the file list contained in an index

when a new index is built, searches do not work, yet. "While an index is being created or updated, the word "Indexing" will show on the right of the dockable when that index is selected for searching". I did not see this. This should be more prominently shown to the user, maybe in the window title or right below "Search for"

Plugins-> LucenePlugin -> Delete Plugin should be removed, instead there should be Goto Index Manager

LucenePlugin Help should show some examples

The Links to the Lucene docs should show the actual URL, too. The link targets do not look good in the Help Viewer.

Lucene should be updated to a recent version 4.1

Plugin Options of Lucene should show the Lucene Version

Submitted weberjn - 2013-02-14 - 10:25:40z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No