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(2/22) 2343275 - Templates: fix accelerator edit, show Add dialog if unknown

Fixes/improvements to Templates plugin, changes made relative to 4.1.1 release.

Fix editing and saving of accelerators, show 'add accelerator' dialog when an unknown accelerator is used

- Add minimal AcceleratorOptionsDialog, shows just the Accelerators part of the Templates Plugin Options (since Plugin Options refuses to open to the right pane and I can't get the AcceleratorOptionsPane from it anyway); this dialog is shown when an unknown accelerator is used, and gets pre-populated with current edit mode and the entered accelerator. This is similar to the behaviour of jEdit's built-in abbreviations.

- Prevent AcceleratorOptionPane putting accelerators with null template paths into AcceleratorManager, store the newly-added accelerator in a local member instead until a path is set (discard if dialog is closed without setting one). This fixes some bugs where you could exit the Plugin Options dialog and leave AcceleratorManager in a broken state, such that re-entering the options dialog would throw NPE when loading the accelerators.

- Clear selection in template tree when an unassigned accelerator is selected in the accelerator list

- Call when saving changes

Submitted memorius - 2008-11-25 - 12:50:48z Assigned sjakob
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No



2008-11-25 - 12:50:48z

Zip of files changed/added since 4.1.1 release