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(7/22) 2913949 - Updates to BufferSelector to use the new API/fixes

Attached is a version of BufferSelector which uses the 'new' version of the plugin API. This plugin fixes/updates a few things.

* Added a horizontal and vertical gap option within the options pane.
* Created a basic skin that is less 'chromy' and more consistent on OS X.
* Simply by recompiling I seem to have fixed the issue where BufferSelector would not update to reflect the contents of the buffer.

This update changes the way the menus work. Before there was a checkmark next to the name of the plugin that displayed based upon whether the BufferSelector was enabled on the view. I could not find a way to update this checkbox at startup. Additionally there is a race condition where the EditAction's isSelected() beanshell would execute before the action's beanshell would finish. So I removed the checkbox.

Lastly, there have been no updates to BufferSelector since 2002. There is no branch in SVN, I grabbed the source from a SF tarball. If there is no maintainer for this plugin, I would be glad to take on the responsibility.

Submitted robotron2064 - 2009-12-14 - 03:44:15z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-05-28 - 13:36:19z
Sorry for the long delay without response. If you still want to be maintainer of this plugin, contact me and I will add you to the project.


2009-12-14 - 03:44:15z