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(8/33) 1532897 - jEditLauncher is not installed at all!

I tried installation of both the current stable and
development version. Neither installed or provided the
option to install the Windows jEditLauncher package,
which is of utmost importance to me as a Windows user.
If I cannot associate java files with jEditLauncher,
there is no point for me to use it at all.

If this package is removed, then please update all the
documentations, helps and FAQs, since they all state
that jEditLauncher is available.

Submitted ozgwei - 2006-08-02 - 04:11:52z Assigned nobody
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2006-08-20 - 22:54:34z
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You can launch the application from the program start group
which was installed using the downloaded jEdit pre-
Make sure that you have SUN Java 1.5 (RE) or later installed
and environment setup correctly.
Also check that the program start-group 'jedit' icon
uses the correct Java JVM with the 'javaw.exe -jar' option
pointing to the jedit.jar file.
See my attached detailed DOC 'jEdit 4_JVM error
(resolution)' on how to do this.
2007-03-03 - 11:54:33z
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Don't think a launcher has been there since I started using jEdit a year or two ago. (The documentation's similarly generally not worth reading through... but hey, if we needed docs we probably wouldn't be using programming editors.)

Think this is the launcher I've been using, as there's minimal setup:

Or you may like to try: