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(9/33) 2621341 - Jedit hands on launch

When I click on the jEdit icon to simply launch it I get the splash, a few busy messages, then a hang at "run startup scripts".

What do I do now? Killing it and re-launching places me at the same place. Please advise.


Submitted ryckster - 2009-02-20 - 21:30:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2009-02-21 - 09:22:00z
Please do the following:
1. Specify the OS, Java version and jEdit version.
2. After you kill the hanging process, attach the following files from your settings directory (usually ~/.jedit on Linux, or %home%\.jedit on Windows): perspective.xml, properties, activity.log.
2009-02-21 - 10:34:38z
i had the same issue on mac. try removing the xml (xml.jar) plugin and relaunch.
2009-02-27 - 02:30:35z
a) I use Windows XP Prof SP3.
b) I don't know about Java version. I know I install the latest version when the Java task icon asks me that one is available.
c) I don't know what jEdit version as I removed it. I used this install file: "jedit4.3pre16install.exe".

The uninstall removed everything jEdit. I just have the installation file. In fact, I tried uninstall/install combination a couple of times with no success.

I hope this is enough for you to go on. If not, I could install again and let it error out.

2009-02-27 - 09:16:33z
The problem went away quite easily for me, but apparently not for you...

Please upload your activity.log file or at least the last couple of lines in it, so we may inspect.