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(10/33) 2900509 - JEdit consuming keyboard events when not running.

I'm running 4.3pr318. With JEdit NOT running, I enter <Alt><Ctrl>J and JEdit starts. This is very bad. You are reading keyboard input when not even
running. If I'm running a different program that uses that shortcut (like Eclipse) and it has the focus, it doesn't get the keystroke. I think it is entirely
unacceptable consume keyboard or mouse events when the program isn't running. I consider this a very severe bug since it effectively breaks other programs.

Is there a way to turn this behavior off? I looked around but I couldn't find any.

Submitted sburoff - 2009-11-19 - 15:19:04z Assigned nobody
Priority 7 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-11-19 - 15:20:10z
I consider this a higher priority because it effects other programs.
2009-11-19 - 16:08:07z
Please specify OS and java version.
An application cannot consume keystrokes while not running. You might have a keyboard shortcut that launches jEdit. If the jEdit installer installs such an OS keyboard shortcut by default, this may need fixing (or at least make it optional).
But in no means can a program consume keystrokes when not running.
2009-11-19 - 16:10:16z
Well, if I uninstall JEdit the problem disappears. If I reinstall it, the problem
reappears. I would say it must be a problem with the jedti installer.
2009-11-19 - 16:12:25z
Well, if I uninstall JEdit the problem disappears. If I reinstall it the problem reappears.
I think the JEdit installer must be the problem.

BTW, I should have said that this is on 64 bit Vista.
2009-11-19 - 16:13:30z
Also, my java is 1.6.0_17-b04.
2009-11-19 - 16:15:11z
This happens because the shortcut in the start menu, which is created by
the Windows installer, has the short cut key set as [Ctrl + Alt + J].

You can manually clear or change this assignment by the property dialog
of the short cut.

I agree this is bad. I think the installer should not assign the short
cut key, or should show a checkbox to indicate the existence of this
short cut key and to make it easily configurable.
2009-11-19 - 16:23:32z
Thanks very much. I didn't know a shortcut could be installed that way. I have successfully
cleared it.

I'm glad to see that you agree that this shouldn't be a silent default. Making it an
install option would be great.