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(17/33) 548399 - launcher? not opening files from assoc.

I installed jedit with the launcher on windows, and
everything pretty much works as advertised unless I
open a file by double-clicking. I should also mention
I renamed the launcher notepad.exe and copied it into
the /winnt /winnt/system32 /winnt/system32/dllcache so
that jEdit will run in notepad's place.

The problem comes when I double-click on a file in a
directory with a space in the name (c:/Documents and
Settings/user/blah.txt) or a file with spaces in the
filename (c:/bin/foo and bar.txt). A new empty buffer
is opened for each of the spaced words in the path,
and the intended file is not opened. Specifically,
opening C:\home\My Documents\conversation\AIM - foo
bar.log opens the following buffers:



C:\home\My Documents\conversation\-

C:\home\My Documents\conversation\foo

C:\home\My Documents\conversation\bar.log

System Info:
Windows 2000
sun jdk1.3.1-02

Submitted supercargo - 2002-04-25 - 01:54:03z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No