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(18/33) 555974 - launcher can't find server

In MS Windows Explorer the context-menu options
to "open with jEdit" do not work. jEdit is started,
but the selected file is not loaded.

The jelauncher.log shows the problem. It can't find
the "server" file.

I am running WinME with multiple users. The launcher
is looking for it in "C:\Windows". But the server
file is created in my [user.home] directory.
Specifically, in my case, the server file is
actually "C:\Windows\Profiles\Dick\.jedit\server"

Submitted dickdono - 2002-05-14 - 14:56:18z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2003-10-26 - 13:37:54z
Logged In: YES

In and lines 148-156, it checks your HOME
environment variable is set and if it isn't it uses the WINDIR
environment variable. Can you verify that your HOME
environment variable is set? Is your USERPROFILE variable
set? Please send us your environment:
set > env.txt
2005-11-24 - 23:47:48z
Logged In: NO

java intaller/Install produce stream
closed error.


2002-05-14 - 14:56:18z

Zip file with text files only (jelauncher.log, system properties, activity.log, etc)