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(21/33) 632346 - problem with windows install?

Using windows 2000:

Two issues here (probably related?)

Jedit starts OK, but "jelaunch.log" in the JEDIT program
directory gives errors:

Debug : [launcher] searching for server file
C:\Documents and Settings\mclark\.jedit\server
Debug : [launcher] Server file not opened
Debug : [launcher] System error message: The
system cannot find the file specified.

My JEDIT shell32 context menus are also broken
(spawns JEDIT but does not open the file requested)

Possible cause? ! :

have moved my desktop location to "d:\storage\desktop"
instead of the default "c:\documents and

Jedit has placed all my downloaded plugins into
d:\storage\desktop\.jedit\jars (leading my to believe that
jedit finds its home there), yet LAUNCHER is looking
for "server" file in "c:\documents and
settings\mclark\.jedit" which is not living there.

What to do? Perhaps it's just a configuration issue.
Seems like it should automatically detect this
environment though.

~~ mclark at ~~

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2002-11-03 - 01:16:49z
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How does the OS know the desktop location? A workaround
for your problem would be to set the -settings command line
variable to the location of the settings folder:

2003-11-14 - 03:12:18z
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Java determines the user.home property by taking the parent
directory of the desktop. (see src\j2se\src\win32
As far as I'm aware this is not documented anywhere.

jEditLauncher should use the same technique to determine
the home directory, so this is a bug.
2003-11-14 - 04:02:41z
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The only workaround that works for me is to add the following
parameter to the Command line options for Java Application
-Duser.home="C:\Documents and Settings\mjericho"