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(23/33) 696324 - error when open file with chinese file name or path

I use jEdit version 4.1 final in Windows 2000 chinese
version Service Pack 3.

When I open file with chinese file name
(or the file path contain chinese character) ,
i.e right click on the file name,
click on <Open with jEdit> or <Open *.txt with jEdit>,
there are nothing in jEdit edit area and the file name
is wong (error code).

If I start jEdit first, then open the same file by
File -> Open, its OK! jEdit can display the content and
the file name rightly.

I hope you to solve this problem ,

Submitted oliverlu - 2003-03-03 - 03:29:26z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2007-04-17 - 20:20:17z
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Is this still a problem - what system now?