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(25/33) 809183 - Opening a file

When I try to open a file in XP Home, by double clicking
in My Computer folder view, the file that comes out is
not that which is selected and desired, but rather it's
the last saved item before the end of the operation. This
happens everytime, and I can only open the targetted
files through Ctrl-O, but is there a fix for opening via
folder view instead?

Submitted nobody - 2003-09-19 - 10:35:30z Assigned nobody
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2003-09-21 - 19:44:58z
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Moving to JEditLauncher bugs...
2003-11-09 - 00:44:20z
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Do you have the "[ ] restore previously open buffers" and "[ ] .
..even if files specified on the command-line" options checked?