Appendix C. History Text Fields

The text fields in many jEdit components, such as the file system browser, incremental search bar, and action bar, all remember the last 20 entered strings by default. The number of strings to remember can be changed in the Appearance pane of the Utilities>Options dialog box; see the section called “The Appearance Pane”.

Pressing UP recalls previous strings. Pressing DOWN after recalling previous strings recalls later strings.

Pressing S+UP or S+DOWN will search backwards or forwards, respectively, for strings beginning with the text already entered in the text field.

Clicking the triangle to the right of the text field, or clicking with the right-mouse button anywhere else will display a pop-up menu of all previously entered strings; selecting one will input it into the text field. Selecting the first item, "previously entered strings:" pops up a dialog that lets you change previously entered strings. Holding down Shift while clicking will display a menu of all previously entered strings that begin with the text already entered.

Search and Replace fields

In jEdit 4.3, the search/replace history fields are multi-line textareas, so they no longer use the same single-line history textfield described above. The multiline history textarea behaves a little differently: UP and DOWN arrows go up and down a line in the textarea, instead of through the previously entered strings. PageUp and PageDown are used instead to select history strings, and there is no arrow combo button, although right-click will still show you the history as a context menu.