jEdit printing is much like you'd expect from any text editor application, you can select the printer, specify specific pages to print, the number of copies, and a number of printer and page options that are supported by the printer such as color printing, duplex printing, and so on. The specific options available are determined by the chosen printer. Print preview is also available, as are several jEdit specific settings such as printing a header and/or footer, line numbers, etc.

The printer dialog is accessed by File>Print (shortcut: C+p) which prints the current buffer. All printing options are set in this dialog. At this time, there is no option to print multiple buffers at once.

The print output can be customized in the printer dialog. In addition to the standard printing options, the following jEdit-specific printing settings can be changed:

In the Utilities - Global Options - Text Area settings, there is an option to show page break markers. If selected, horizontal lines will be displayed in the text area to indicate where page breaks will be when printing.

There is also an action available in the View menu, to toggle the the page break markers on and off. Page break markers are just what they sound like, they show where page breaks would be for printing. Note that jEdit is not a word processor, so the page breaks are calculated based on printer settings and print font size. It is not possible to set a page break at a specific point in a file.