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Supported jEdit Encodings

Supported jEdit Encodings: 169

windows-1252 windows-1253 windows-1254 x-windows-iso2022jp windows-1255
windows-1256 windows-1257 x-euc-jp-linux windows-1258 UTF-32
IBM857 IBM855 x-IBM964 x-IBM1364 windows-1250
IBM852 IBM1026 windows-1251 IBM861 IBM860
x-MacCentralEurope x-IBM1046 IBM297 x-IBM834 x-IBM833
x-IBM970 IBM-Thai x-UTF-16LE-BOM IBM866 IBM868
JIS_X0201 IBM869 x-MacArabic IBM862 IBM863
IBM864 IBM865 IBM870 IBM871 x-Big5-Solaris
IBM280 IBM285 IBM01145 IBM284 IBM01144
IBM01147 IBM01146 IBM01141 IBM01140 Native2ASCII
IBM01143 IBM01142 x-MacGreek x-IBM942 UTF-32BE
x-IBM943 UTF-16 x-IBM948 x-IBM949 x-IBM939
x-IBM1025 UTF-8Y x-ISO-2022-CN-CNS IBM278 IBM277
UTF-32LE IBM273 X-UTF-32LE-BOM x-SJIS_0213 x-IBM856
x-MS950-HKSCS x-MacHebrew x-PCK x-IBM950 ISO-2022-JP-2
x-MacRoman x-IBM33722 EUC-KR x-IBM1112 x-IBM921
ISO-8859-9 UTF-16BE x-IBM922 x-MacSymbol ISO-8859-7
IBM918 ISO-8859-8 ISO-8859-5 ISO-8859-6 ISO-8859-3
x-MS932_0213 ISO-8859-4 ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-2 x-IBM1098
Shift_JIS x-IBM1097 IBM037 x-IBM942C ISO-2022-JP
x-Johab x-IBM1006 x-IBM1122 x-IBM1124 ISO-8859-13
KOI8-U x-MacCyrillic x-IBM937 x-IBM1123 EUC-JP
UTF-8 x-IBM935 KOI8-R x-Big5-HKSCS-2001 IBM437
IBM00858 x-JIS0208 x-IBM933 ISO-8859-15 x-MacCroatian
x-IBM930 x-MacTurkish x-IBM949C x-EUC-TW x-windows-874
x-ISO-2022-CN-GB x-MacThai x-MacDingbat x-iso-8859-11 x-ISCII91
x-COMPOUND_TEXT x-IBM875 ISO-2022-CN x-IBM874 TIS-620
ISO-2022-KR x-windows-50221 Big5-HKSCS x-windows-50220 GB18030
x-IBM1383 IBM424 x-IBM1381 GBK IBM850
x-MS950-HKSCS-XP IBM775 x-windows-949 IBM1047 x-eucJP-Open
windows-31j GB2312 x-JISAutoDetect IBM01149 x-IBM737
IBM01148 x-MacIceland X-UTF-32BE-BOM Big5 x-MacUkraine
x-MacRomania x-IBM943C US-ASCII IBM500 x-windows-950
x-mswin-936 IBM420 UTF-16LE JIS_X0212-1990

Using jEdit 5.1pre1 on Fri Apr 26 02:04:52 PDT 2013 with Oracle Corporation Java 1.7.0_03 on Linux 3.1.0-1-amd64. Generated from macro Misc/Generate Encodings List.bsh

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