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Feedback and Support

Mailing Lists

Four mailing lists have been created for jEdit. The core developers are all subscribed to these addresses, so they provide the best way to reach people involved in development of jEdit.

Note that you must post from a subscribed address. If you don't want delivery to one of your posting addresses, subscribe anyway, and enable the nomail subscription option.

Good searching facilities for our mailing lists are provided by jEdit at Nabble.

Message Boards

If you would rather not subscribe to the mailing lists, you can participate in web-based message boards on the community site. You must have a user login on the community site to participate. Core developers are not checking these forums as frequently as the mailing lists.

Reporting Bugs

Before submitting a bug, please check the the jEdit FAQ.

If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, report a bug to one of the bug trackers:

When writing a bug report, please try to be as specific as possible. You should specify your jEdit version, Java version, operating system, plugin version(s) if any, any relevant output from the activity log, and a valid account connected to a valid e-mail address, in case we need further information from you to fix the bug.

Internet Relay Chat

If you want to chat about jEdit, join channel #jedit on

You can use any IRC client to chat, but of course we recommend you use the IRC plugin for jEdit. The default settings of the plugin are to join the above channel.

Rating jEdit

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