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KB_FORMAT - Static variable in class org.gjt.sp.util.StandardUtilities
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.AlignOffset
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.AlignParameter
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.Collapse
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.Decrease
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.Increase
keepChecking() - Method in interface org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.NoIncrease
keepChecking() - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.indent.IndentAction.Reset
Key(String, int, char) - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.KeyEventTranslator.Key
key - Variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.KeyEventTranslator.Key
KeyBinding(String, String, String, boolean) - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.GrabKeyDialog.KeyBinding
keyEventInterceptor - Variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.input.AbstractInputHandler
This listener will receive keyboard events if it is not null.
KeyEventTranslator - Class in org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui
In conjunction with the KeyEventWorkaround, hides some warts in the AWT key event API.
KeyEventTranslator() - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.KeyEventTranslator
KeyEventTranslator.Key - Class in org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui
KeyEventWorkaround - Class in org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui
Various hacks to get keyboard event handling to behave in a consistent manner across Java implementations.
KeyEventWorkaround() - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.KeyEventWorkaround
keyHandler - Variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.EnhancedDialog
Keymap - Interface in org.jedit.keymap
KeymapFileFilter - Class in org.jedit.keymap
A FileFilter that returns keymaps files.
KeymapFileFilter() - Constructor for class org.jedit.keymap.KeymapFileFilter
KeymapManager - Interface in org.jedit.keymap
KeymapManager.State - Enum in org.jedit.keymap
The states of the keymaps
KeymapManagerImpl - Class in org.jedit.keymap
The default keymap manager implementation.
KeymapManagerImpl(IPropertyManager, File, File) - Constructor for class org.jedit.keymap.KeymapManagerImpl
KeymapMigration - Class in org.jedit.migration
Extracts, removes the shortcuts from jEdit 4.5 properties, and places them into the "imported" keymap.
KeymapMigration() - Constructor for class org.jedit.migration.KeymapMigration
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.CompleteWord
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.CompletionPopup
Handle key pressed events.
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.CompleteWord
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.CompletionPopup
Handle key typed events.
KEYWORD1 - Static variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.Token
KEYWORD2 - Static variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.Token
KEYWORD3 - Static variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.Token
KEYWORD4 - Static variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.Token
KeywordMap - Class in org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax
A KeywordMap is similar to a hashtable in that it maps keys to values.
KeywordMap(boolean) - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.KeywordMap
Creates a new KeywordMap.
KeywordMap(boolean, int) - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.KeywordMap
Creates a new KeywordMap.
KillRing - Class in org.gjt.sp.jedit.buffer
The kill ring retains deleted text.
KillRing() - Constructor for class org.gjt.sp.jedit.buffer.KillRing
kind - Variable in class org.gjt.sp.jedit.bsh.Token
An integer that describes the kind of this token.
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