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(224/231) 3002100 - Plugin Set xml file - encoding failure

I just saved a plugin set from jEdit 4.3.2. When I try to open it with plugin manager of jEdit 4.3.2, reading fails because of malformed UTF-8 sequence (German Umlaut).

So, it seems that the file is written in a different encoding than it is read later....

Submitted rschwenn - 2010-05-15 - 14:07:13z Assigned ezust
Priority 5 Category None
Status Pending Group None
Resolution Fixed Visibility No


2011-12-04 - 04:34:03z
Is this a duplicate of 2953810 ?
2011-12-04 - 21:12:36z
No, this here is an encoding problem, and the other one covers an issue about interoperability between different localized jEdit installations: When I create a plugin set file (having translated some plugin names) then it won't work for You.
2012-12-27 - 18:00:54z
Just tested with jEdit 5.0.0 (Java 7, WinXP SP3):

The PluginSet is written in ISO-8859-x or similar encoding, but seems to be read as UTF-8 which fails at line 54 of attached PluginSet50a.xml.
2012-12-27 - 21:16:35z
Per, the XML file is parsed as UTF-8 if there is no declared encoding.
ManagePanel.SaveButton.saveState should specify utf-8 when creating the OutputStreamWriter, line 840 instead of relying on the platform default.
2012-12-27 - 22:01:54z
ok here is a suggested patch. I don't know how to test it though.
2012-12-27 - 22:02:16z
there is no pluginset.xml example attached to this ticket
2012-12-27 - 22:25:16z
Oh sorry, somehow the upload has failed and I haven't noticed it. Now the sample is attached.
2012-12-28 - 02:20:44z
Committed 22623. Let me know if this fixes your issue.


2012-12-27 - 22:01:21z

suggested patch?

2012-12-27 - 22:21:19z

pluginset.xml example and activity logs