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(225/231) 3016465 - cannot copy/paste in dialogs (find, file open, etc-Mac OSX)

After some changes in properties I got trouble. I cannot copy/paste in dialogs (find, file open, etc.) I work in MacosX 10.6.3
My actions:
- remove file ~/Library/jEdit/properties
- start jedit (all works!)
- make any changes in Global Options
- close jedit
- start jedit one more, if properties file more than 6365 bytes I cannot copy/paste in Find, File Open/Save & etc. dialogs!
I tried to reinstall jedit, but truoble does not leave me. Now I have backup copy of properties and reconstruct it.

Submitted constyk - 2010-06-15 - 11:55:55z Assigned evanpw
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Pending Group normal bug
Resolution Works For Me Visibility No


2010-06-15 - 17:26:34z
it may be a duplicate of :

Could you try with a daily build ? available here :
2010-06-16 - 19:43:24z
I meant here :
2012-01-20 - 18:10:38z
What version of jEdit are you using?
The 192mb heap memory limit was removed from jEdit in the latest trunk, and soon to be released jEdit 4.5.
Can you try with one of the daily builds and see if the problem persists?
2012-09-08 - 20:41:39z
Is this still an issue?
2012-09-08 - 20:43:12z
I have remapped copy/cut/paste to other keys in jEdit, but the regular OS shortcuts are what work here, not the ones I use in jEdit's textarea.