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(140/231) 3473027 - Rectangular selection is not shown rectangular sometimes...

As you can see in the screenshot below, the rectangular selection gets ugly like if it was not using a monospace font.

I don't know much if it is plugin related, or something wrong with my jEdit. However, as you can see in my screen shot, the right part of the rectangular selection does not looks like a rectangle at all.

I am using jEdit 4.5pre1 server mode under jdk1.7.0_02x64 and Win7 x64

The text area use monospaced 16 plain, and its looks like "Fractional font metrics" is making it go wrong, since it display correctly when disabled.

Example test (from Tales of the Abyss ;))

BOTTLES;Feather of Wind
BOTTLES;Tail of Earth
BOTTLES;Eye of Thunder
BOTTLES;Tear of Ice
BOTTLES;Wing of Light
BOTTLES;Claw of Shadow
BOTTLES;Meteorite Fragment
BOTTLES;Mana Fragment
BOTTLES;Black Pearl
BOTTLES;2 points:
BOTTLES;Holy Water
BOTTLES;Plant Worm
BOTTLES;3 points:
BOTTLES;Phantom Vegetable
BOTTLES;4 points:
BOTTLES;Phantom Fish

Submitted myshforum - 2012-01-12 - 18:59:51z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group minor bug
Resolution None Visibility No



2012-01-12 - 18:59:52z