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(141/231) 3474127 - jEdit do not always remember it's position

When jEdit starts maximized on my screen 2.
If I move it to screen 1 still maximized, when closing jEdit and restarting it, jEdit starts maximized on screen 2.
I have to reduce the size of my view and close jEdit so it saves the information that it is on screen 1.

Submitted kpouer - 2012-01-15 - 08:45:16z Assigned kpouer
Priority 4 Category editor core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-01-15 - 08:57:40z
If you open jedit while it remembers that it's on screen 1, then:
1. maximize
2. close jedit
3. open jedit
Is the position ok then?
I can't try myself having only one screen :(
2012-04-26 - 13:10:34z
The code is complicated in GUISizeSaver. And I don't think that the current situation is really bad. There is a workaround, as you described it. So I lower the priority.
2012-07-03 - 12:55:26z
In fact the switch when saving dialog was ignoring maximized dialogs, I fixed it.
But you are right the code seems complicated, and a new thread is created everytime the window is moving (and since the componentMoved() event can be send a lot of time it creates a lot of threads, this needs cleanup)
2012-07-03 - 13:26:44z
You didn't fix it. You removed a functionality from jedit. The functionality worked as follows.

1. Set jedit window position to your favorite place (not maximized)
2. Maximize
3. Close jedit
4. Start jedit
5. Change the window from maximized to normal state - it should recall your favorite window position. Now it does nothing.
2012-07-03 - 13:44:18z
I tried to move jEdit to any place not maximized and after restarting it was taking the good place
I tried to maximize it on screen 1 or 2 and it restarted at the good place.
I also tried to move jEdit not maximized then maximize and restart, it works fine.

But you are right after being maximized it doesn't remember it's old windowed position, because saving maximized state is not enough to know on what screen it is.
I think this has to be rewritten to save the two informations, maximized bounds and normal bounds. Do you agree with that ?
Until it is done I can rollback my change.
2012-07-03 - 15:26:28z
>I think this has to be rewritten to save the two informations, maximized
>bounds and normal bounds. Do you agree with that ?

I had the same idea for that. I didn't start implementation, because (personally to me) it's too much complications for little functionality.

Revert it please unless you're sure you won't forget about it.
2012-07-03 - 15:36:11z
I just reverted it