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(226/231) 3482822 - Buffer changed indicator

When I make changes the indicator should turn red and than clear when saving buffer. This isn't working.

Submitted Anonymous - 2012-02-01 - 21:14:55z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Pending Group normal bug
Resolution Works For Me Visibility No


2012-02-01 - 21:33:35z
What version of jEdit? It works for me in 4.4.2, 4.5.0, and 5.0.
2012-02-01 - 23:32:57z
If it is an untitled buffer, make sure you don't have the option "never mark untitled buffers dirty" checked under global options - saving and backup
2012-02-03 - 07:55:52z
Since I updated to 4.5 I have this issue with the buffer tabs plugin. Maybe this is what the original reporter meant as well.
2012-02-06 - 15:01:37z
I have the same problem since I upgraded to v4.5.0. Buffer is not untitled.
Buffer status is not switched anymore to red as soon as a character is typed.
NB : After file modification, if you switch to another buffer and switch back to the modified buffern, then only the status from the "address bar" (where the full path is displayed) is updated (red) not the tab status.

It looks like bug #2780652
2012-02-06 - 15:34:29z
In fact, the entire tab title is not updated ; if you save the buffer as "File Name", tab title won't be updated until you close the tab and reopen the file....
2012-10-27 - 16:55:17z
Please give me detailed steps to reproduce your bug. I am unable to reproduce this w/ BufferTabs 1.2.3
and jEdit 5.0pre2 or 5.1pre1.

2012-11-16 - 16:10:02z
Now, I am using jEdit 4.5.2 together with BufferTabs 1.2.3 and I don't have the problem anymore.
It is working fine.