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(153/231) 3521654 - Horizontal scrolling in file dialog corrupts display

Running jEdit 4.5.1 server mode, using Sun Microsystems Inc. Java 1.6.0_23 on Ubuntu 11.10.

To reproduce:
1. File -> Open
2. Resize the dialog until it's got a horizontal scroll bar
3. Scroll horizontally

Expected results: Shift contents horizontally.
Actual results: Massive distortion of the scrolled text.

I tried playing setting all the experimental appearance options, continuous layout, and to change the Swing look & feel, but nothing helped.

Plugins installed:
Common Controls 1.5
Console 4.5
EclipseIcons 1.0
ErrorList 1.9
Project Viewer 3.4.2 (the distortion can also be seen in its window)
QuickNotepad 4.4
Recursive Open 0.1
SideKick 1.3
TextTools 1.15
WhiteSpace 1.0.2
XercesPlugin 2.9.1
XML 2.8.1
XSLT 0.7.1

Submitted engmark - 2012-04-26 - 13:42:06z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category editor core
Status Open Group normal bug
Resolution None Visibility No



2012-04-26 - 13:42:07z

Example screenshot