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(154/231) 3524045 - doubleBracketIndent does not work for ages

I spent half an hour testing this property. Then I discovered it's not in the current code. It used to work in r4423. If no-one will step up to bring this functionality back, I'll commit the patch removing all references to doubleBracketIndent from the source. That is from the users-guide and many mode files. Only 2 mode files (factor and lua) were trying to set it to true. Others just copied the default "false" setting. However individuals trying to get it working may get misleaded.

Submitted jarekczek - 2012-05-06 - 08:24:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 4 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-05-13 - 11:56:51z
In there is code like this:

boolean multiple = buffer.getBooleanProperty("multipleBracketIndent");
IndentAction increase = new IndentAction.Increase(multiple ? prevOpenBracketCount : 1);

So maybe restoring double bracket functionality requires only using correct words (double vs multiple). A note for someone willing to fix it.
2012-05-30 - 08:01:22z
It seems that the code is providing the functionality, although there is a mismatch between the doc, the samples and the actual property name. So I will not remove anything, but I unassign myself.


2012-05-06 - 08:25:16z

patch file removing doubleBracketIndent references