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(211/231) 3615036 - Move lines up and down macros move too many lines

The move lines up and move lines down macros move too many lines and alters the selection.

To reproduce:
1. Open a buffer with several lines of text
2. Using the keyboard, move the caret to the start of the first line
3. Using the keyboard, select the first 2 lines (shift + down arrow twice). The caret will now be on the start of the third line.
4. Run the move lines down macro. Notice the first 3 lines move, even though only the first 2 lines were selected.

I expect only the 2 lines that I selected will be moved. Same issue with move lines up.

Also, the selection is extended. To see this, paste this example text into a buffer:

// if nothing is selected, select current line
if (selection == null || selections.length == 0) {
selections = new Selection[1];
int start_offset = textArea.getLineStartOffset(line);
int end_offset = textArea.getLineEndOffset(line);
selections[0] = new Selection.Range(start_offset, end_offset);

Same as above, use the keyboard (shift + down arrow twice) to select the first 2 lines. The caret will be at the start of the third line, the whitespace before "selections - new Selection[1]" is not selected. Run the move lines down macro. See that the 3rd line moved and the whitespace at the start of the 3rd line is now selected.

Submitted daleanson - 2013-09-19 - 18:32:43z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category macros
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-11-14 - 09:32:50z
I don't understand, your selection starts from the beginning of the buffer and ends on the third line, so it is logical that the third line is moved too.
It is a "move lines" macro not a "move selection" macro.
About the selection that is changed, yes this is a bug.
In fact when moving lines, the lines are indented at their expected level. It works well if you select entire blocks or statements but if you select the beginning of a block it seems there are some problems.
2013-11-14 - 23:03:41z
No, my selection is for just the first 2 lines. None of the third line is selected, so I don't expect it to move. I agree this is to move lines, not a selection. If I select from the middle of the first line through the middle of the third line, I would expect all 3 lines to move. I would expect that if there is no selection at all, then the line containing the caret would be the one to move.

I guess this is an edge case, I'm expecting a selection from the start of the first line to the start of the third line to work the same as a selection from the start of the first line to the end of the second line.
2013-11-15 - 09:41:49z
I think it would not be user friendly.
I tried a few editors:
Eclipse does as you say, but break the selection after moving the caret. I think it is wrong.
Notepad++ moves the 3 lines but extend the selection to all moved lines.
IntelliJ Idea does exactly the same as jEdit.
I still think that our choice is the best as it keeps the selection unchanged.