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(212/231) 3615047 - Mac OS X: conflict of C+COMMA with preferences

Using jedit trunk with the Mac OS X plugin (SVN revision 23203), the Apple Preferences menu item uses the official Apple key for that: COMMAND comma. This is in conflict with the traditional jEdit shortcut quick-search.shortcut=C+COMMA.

Even in keymaps/Mac_OS_X_keys.props there is no attempt yet, to evade to a different key. Alternatively, one could try to convince the Apple application wrapper not to use their standard key, but hardcore Mac users might complain.

Submitted makarius - 2013-09-23 - 15:42:02z Assigned makarius
Priority 5 Category MacOSX specific
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-09-23 - 23:07:39z
Committed rev 23207 to the mac keymaps file.
Do we need to change the default jEdit keymap? Personally, I don't even look at it anymore since I am maintaining the emacs keymap.
If you think there are other changes that are needed to the mac os x keymap, you can commit those directly.
2013-09-23 - 23:26:02z
oops. my fix introduced another conflict. I don't know what the appropriate key is. Can you fix this yourself?