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(179/207) 3479635 - Ability to edit Read-Only (readonly) buffers

Jedit must allow user to make edits in a readonly files. It is very wrong to disable this in any case: jedit is the _text editor_

Submitted vmaximov - 2012-01-25 - 15:30:06z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
Status Open Group v4.3
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-01-25 - 16:22:01z
You mean it should allow you to edit the file, but of course not save it?

The goal is to do save as later ?
2012-01-25 - 18:53:45z
I know many text editors which don't allow saving read only files. This is an open question. Definitely it shouldn't be done without warning.

Matthieu, this question probably regards files marked as read only, when it can be bypassed, by temporarily changing the flag.

I understand this feature request, but I don't agree with neither "must" nor "very wrong".
2012-01-25 - 19:16:50z
Macros - Files - Toggle ReadOnly seems sufficient. With the MenuEditor plugin installed, this can easily be added to the "File" menu.
2012-01-25 - 21:54:30z
Yes, sorry for "must" and "very wrong" :) but that definitely would be cool.

The goal is to modify read only file without actually saving it.
Use case (in common) is to explore large data file by modifying its structure. (xml, html files e.t.c).

Macro doesnt work with files opened from URL. the alert pops up "this macro only works on local files"

2012-01-25 - 22:12:29z
With this explanation I have to admit, that all the editors I know are able to edit read only files. They fail on save, but allow editing. Any ideas of how this could "work for us"?
2012-03-12 - 19:46:24z
Changing the subject since it seems the initial poster wanted to be able to edit the buffer without changing the actual file.
2012-03-13 - 13:16:11z
> The goal is to do save as later ?
Yes. And even not to save it at all: sometimes while exploring the content of a file I need to modify it's structure: indent xml, or find/replace just to count hits.. e.t.c.

I think - something, like warn user by "unable to save readonly file" would be enough.